2014 Winter Shirt

Bill has decided to extend the deadline for T-shirt orders until TODAY, Monday February 17th.  It will be a black shirt with the design shown below.  If you have not placed your order, please do so today.  You can order any of the sizes below:

Winter Shirt 2014

Shirt Type Regular Size Cost Plus Sizes
 T-shirt Regular sizes = $6 2XL – 5XL = $7.50
Long Sleeve T-shirt Regular sizes = $8 2XL – 5XL = $9.50
Sweatshirt Regular sizes = $9.75 2XL – 5XL = $11.25
Hoodie Sweatshirt Regular Sizes = $15 2XL – 4XL = $17

Place your order TONIGHT (Monday, February 17th).  This will be the last night to order.  You can also email your order to Christopher@troop26.org.

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