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From the Albums of Bill Shaffer – Scoutmaster’s Trophy

Scout Master's Trophy


The Scoutmaster’s Trophy.  A large golden eagle.  Presented for the first time to Eagle Scout Keith Forehand in 1983.  It was awarded to Eagle Scout Randy McGuire in 1984  The intention was to honor Eagle Scouts who continued to serve the troop, providing invaluable support, leadership and assistance.  The best of the best.  This photo was taken of the group of five Troop 26 Eagle Scouts who were presented with the Scoutmaster’s Trophy in 2005.  All these scouts are now grown men and each have become scouting legends and memories that I think of often.  Eagle Scouts  Jake Jorishie,  Andy Points, Charlie Spears, Daniel Rusco and Trent Wood.   We are today what they helped build in days past.  

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