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Troop 26, in Tulsa, OK, meets every Monday evening at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Troop 26 is a boy led troop with over 675 Eagle scouts since 1969. Bill Shaffer has been the troop Scoutmaster for 45 years and has created an incredible program for thousands of scouts over the years. Today, there are over 125 boys and 60 ASMs (both men and women) registered with the troop. We are focused on developing developing scouts to be strong leaders with upstanding morale character and values. We teach scouts to value the scout oath and law, tradition, leadership, opportunity, adventure, the environment, and each other.

At Troop 26, our goal is to be the most awesome boy scout troop in Tulsa and America. Because of the large number of adult and Eagle Scout support, the troop is able to provide many high quality, exciting programs to our scouts. The programs offered include the following:

Adventure Programs

  • Monthly troop camp outs (all over northeastern Oklahoma)
  • Annual Summer Camp at Hale (Indian Nations Council in Talahina, OK)
  • Periodic Out of Council Summer Camps (Pupukea, Alexander, Texas, South Dakota, Alaska, etc.)
  • Troop 26 Backpacking Program
  • Regular Philmont treks
  • Periodic Northern Tier Treks
  • Periodic Seabase Treks
  • Regular National Jamboree Treks (typically 2 full contingents)
  • Annual Float trip

Leadership Training

  • White Stag Leadership Training
  • Pine Tree (Council Leadership Training)
  • Leadership Corp
  • Troop 26 Backpacking Program
  • Troop 26 Stickmen

Special Programs

  • Troop 26 Arrow of Light Team
  • Fall Festival Archaeology & History Museum
  • Troop 26 Running and Cycling Club
  • Fundraisers (Popcorn, Blue & Gold, Camp Cards, etc.)
  • Order of the Arrow (includes OA events such as Ordeals, Vigil, & Conclaves)
  • The Hornaday Program
  • Troop 26 Merit Badge Program

Special Events

  • Court of Honor (approximately 3 per year) with Troop Museum
  • Memorial Day Floral Haven Flag Lowering Ceremony
  • Troop 26 WOW (Webelos Outdoor Weekends) – Typically around Halloween
  • Special Scouts Christmas Party
  • SPL and PL elections (twice a year – 6 month terms)
  • Investiture (twice a year)
  • Service Projects

Adult Support

  • Troop 26 Committee (meets monthly)
  • Council Training (IOLS & Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster Specific Leadership Training)
  • Woodbadge Training
  • Merit Badge Programs
  • Uniform Moms (uniform exchange, patch sewing, special projects)

Troop 26 is always looking for new scouts to join our program.  Please take some time to come check us out and see what we have to offer.  Click here to have a Troop 26 representative contact you to learn more about our troop.

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Latest Updates and News


If you have not acquired an official ID, you have to do that today. TODAY. The e-mail below was sent weeks ago by JJ Jorishie and has been disregarded by many. It cannot be disregarded past Monday. Today! Airline tickets must be purchased this week and we cannot do that without this information. If you are going to Hawaii, 100% of the participants, youth and adults, must have this cleaned up by tonight’s meeting. Read the information below and call me, 918-493-3213, if you have any questions. Read it carefully because any mistakes will cause problems and will cost an additional fee to get it corrected.

If you need an I.D. go to any auto tag agent and get one immediately and then send the information to twright@eaglesun.com immediately. We are trying to get the proper name on all the airline tickets and the above information is needed. If the name on the ticket does not match the name on the I.D. exactly there is a $100.00 fee to make it correct. That fee will be covered by whoever’s ticket does not match the I.D. when we check in at the airport. Remember we are trying to get 37 people checked in and through security so if you have not done this please do it now. If you are going to use a passport then we need the name and race exactly as it appears on the passport. If you are using your drivers license the same applies.

Scoutmaster of the Year

At the Eagle District Awards Banquet on Thursday January 29th, Troop 26 Scoutmaster Bill Shaffer was honored with the Eagle District Scoutmaster of the Year award!  Be sure to congratulate Bill and let him know how much you appreciate him.  Other Troop 26 members receiving awards at the banquet include John Points for the incredible Scottish Games Camporee that he organized and Christian Burt for his work as the Chairman of the Webelos Outdoor Woods effort.  Christian also received the Rising Star award.  Troop 26 received an award for the highest popcorn sales in the council.  Others who received honorable mentions include JJ Jorishie and Steve Balman for their work with the district Eagle Boards and Troop 26 scout mom Kimberly Paul for her work with the Friends of Scouting campaign.