From the Albums of Bill Shaffer – Special Edition

Rick HayesWe are putting a new photo on the Troop 26 website every week but this one is a special edition. This one is dedicated to the 50 years of service given to the men and boys of Troop 26. Not just “service”. We are talking “spectacular” service. Rick Hayes. Eagle Scout. Father of two Eagle Scouts. Grandfather to two future Eagle Scouts. The man responsible for hundreds of other Eagle Scouts. A man who has been a mentor and friend to thousands of scouts. This photo is one taken back in the 70s, at one of our Special Camporees. A special photo, a special camporee and a special man. Thanks Rick, for making the light a little brighter, the road a little smoother, the rewards a little greater in all of our lives. Congratulations on fifty incredible years. And thanks in advance for the next fifty.

From the Albums of Bill Shaffer – Oldest & Youngest

Oldest-YoungestThis photo was taken in the hills overlooking the first National Jamboree that Troop 26 attended. It was 1973. The place? Coeur D’alene Idaho and Farragut State Park. There was a second jamboree that summer. Idaho was Jamboree West. Jamboree East was held at Moraine State Park in Pennsylvania. Troop 26 went west. The combined total for the two jamborees was 73,610 scouts. This is one of my favorite photos from that jamboree. Adult leader Leon Smith was the oldest Troop 26 participant. And Scout Rol Avery was the youngest. Leon was an Assistant SM with Scoutmaster Bud Kunze when I became Scoutmaster in 1969. Leon’s son, Neil Smith, was my first SPL.

From the Albums of Bill Shaffer – Bob Winters

Bob Winters
Many of our former scouts will remember a place called “The Explorer Base” situated near White Horn Cove on Lake Ft. Gibson outside Wagoner, Oklahoma.  Some of our greatest memories were born at that campground.  It was a Corp of Engineers property leased to the Indian Nations Council back in the 70’s.  This photo is of Bob Winters, the jovial and lovable Ranger for the property.  Everybody who camped at the Explorer Base remembers Bob.  Friendly, helpful, and committed to the boy’s camping experience, Bob was one of the reasons we camped there.  I haven’t seen many photos of Bob, this may be the only one I’ve ever seen.  Bob was a valued member of the Pine Tree Staff.  The Pine Tree, whose early courses were held at the Base, always included Bob in their activities.   Bob Winters is a great Troop 26 memory.  He was also featured on an early Troop 26 patch along with his dogs, waving goodbye to Troop 26 scouts as they went home from a wonderful weekend.  This photo is a treasure.

From the Albums of Bill Shaffer – Vigil

Bill Shaffer Favorite Photos- Vigil

Vigil campout 2013. Three new Troop 26 Vigil candidates inducted into the Vigil Honor.
Left to right , Vigil members John Points, Bill Shaffer and Rick Hayes, Vigil candidate Joel Heidorn (in back) and Matt Moffatt (in front), Vigil member JJ Jorishie, Vigil candidate Austin Hinds, and Vigil members Alex Points (in back) and Bud Kunze. Great weekend.

From the Albums of Bill Shaffer – President Ford

week 2 - Joel StinnettWhen? September 15, 1979. Where? The sanctuary of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. What? Former President of the United States Gerald R. Ford, presents 13 Troop 26 scouts with scouting’s highest honor. Gerald Ford was also an Eagle Scout. In this photograph, Eagle Scout Joel Stinnett, now a current adult leader, and the late D.J. Laurence. Special photo, special day.