Troop 26 Christmas Party

The party is from 7:00pm – 9:00pm, Monday December 16 at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Scouts should arrive by 6:15pm to help with setup and greet guests.
Uniform is normal Class A (as for normal Monday meetings).

Our troop has been working with a group of developmentally handicapped folks since 1969. Many of them used to live at Hissom Memorial Center until it was closed many years ago. Most of the residents moved into group homes after the center closed. For many years, we took them camping once a year as well as hosting a Christmas party for them. Unfortunately, we had to give up the camping a few years ago. They are no longer able to tent camp because of health issues that go along with getting old….just like some of us in the troop. When we stopped camping, our oldest camper was Francis, who was 81 at the time. She loved to camp….sunshine…rain…it didn’t matter to her. We still do the Christmas party and will continue as long as we have guests to attend. Our friends range in age physically from 40 to 80. On average, most of them function at a 10-12 year old level, with some higher and some lower.

Terri and I still have several gift cards left. I was planning to take them to the meeting Monday night, but it was canceled due to weather. Fourteen of the remaining gift cards are for specific people at Woodland Park and Alpha House. Rather than post them and possibly end up with duplicate gifts, if you would like one of those cards, please call me and I will let you know which ones are left. For those troop members who have not picked up a gift card, please consider buying a generic gift and bringing it to the party. The extra gifts will go back to Woodland Park and be given to the folks who are not able to attend. For many of them, the gifts that they receive from Troop 26 will be the only gifts they receive for Christmas.

Gift Guidelines:
Cost:  Gifts should not exceed $10-$15 in cost. Many of the gifts requested can be purchased for under $10.

Movies:  Rated “G” or “PG”. Please use discretion when purchasing “PG” movies. Movies containing violent content or sexual themes should be avoided.

Music:  Music CD’s having a “Parental Advisory” label should be avoided.

Gift ideas:
Fleece throws (Walmart $2.88). Having their own fleece throw is a big deal to a lot of the folks at Woodland Park. It is sort of like our scouts and the latest pair of Nike’s.
CD’s – Country, gospel, contemporary, Christmas. Many of them can be purchased in the discount bins at Walmart for $5.00.
DVD’s – Westerns, action movies, comedies. Again, many of them can be purchased in the discount bins at Walmart for $5.00-$7.00.
Stuffed animals
Toys for children, ages 3-12. No toy guns or swords.
Board games, ages 3-8. Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, Candyland…..etc.
Puzzles – 25 large pieces
Men’s or Woman’s watches – Walmart for less than $10.00

Gift cards (3×5) should be attached to each wrapped gift. The card should tell what the gift is and if it is for a boy or girl or either. That helps us sort them out before Santa arrives. If you cannot come to the party, see if you can get another scout to take your gift for you or drop it by our house and we will take it to the party. Please try to arrive by 6:15 on December 16th. We will have to move around a lot of tables and chairs and we like to have our scouts there to greet our guests when they arrive. We could use some help from a few moms to organize the gift table. All of the gifts are arranged on tables to make it easier when it comes time to pass them out.

Parents and siblings are welcome to attend. There will be a small band. Our guests do love to dance. Cookies and punch will be served. Towards the end of the party, Santa and his goofy elf show up to visit with each of our friends and to give them their gifts.

If you have any questions or would like to buy a gift for a specific person, please call Terri or Tony Duncan (918-494-8631).

See you on Monday!!!

De Vebelos are on dere vay!

Troop 26 will be hosting its annual Webelos Weekend at Dog Iron Ranch on November 1-3. Count Dracula will be the host for our Webelos guests and you can join in the festivities with a T-shirt featuring bad Vlad himself. (See artwork below.) Long-sleeve, black T-shirts will be available for order at the troop meeting on Monday the 14th. The cost will be $10.00/shirt, sizes Adult S thru XXXL. Scouts & Scouters can pay with cash, check or Scout account. Please see John Points and J.J. Jorishie next Monday night to order yours!

‘Cause when they’re gone, they’re gone………..and that bites.

Fangs for your attention!

Dracula II - 2013 Troop 26 WOW

Upcoming Cub Scout / Webelos Events

There are three events that Troop 26 would like to invite cub scout packs / Webelos to attend.  Please share this invitation with all Cub Scout Packs and/or Webelos Dens.

Fall Festival – Saturday, September 21st come at the Jack Graves Scout Reservation (Located at 101st St. and 193rd E. Ave Broken Arrow, OK – next to NSU Broken Arrow).  This event is open to all cub scouts and Webelos and is free of charge.  Visit Troop 26 at the Archaeology dig site & museum.  Come dig for buried artifacts, visit the museum, and see our Sarcophagus!!!!  Troop 26 scouts should sign up and help lead this great event.  Contact ASM Christopher Smith to sign up.

Eagle District Fall Camporee/WOW (Webelos only)– This is a great opportunity for Webelos to camp with boy scout troops from all over the district to learn more about what it means to be a boy scout, and to search out a scout troop that will excite and enable them to grow into young men of high character.  Troop 26 invites your Webelos to camp with us or to visit our troop while at the event.  Please contact Christopher Smith at to get details on camping with Troop 26 at the Eagle District Fall Camporee.

Date:             Troop 26 Scouts, October 11th-13th / Webelos, October 12th – 13th, 2013
Time:            Webelos Patrols – Arrive at 8:00 AM, Saturday the 12th
Location:      Contact Christopher Smith for camping details
Cost:             $8.00 per guest through September 27, 2013; Scout or Webelos, youth or adult
$10.00/camper September 30th through October 9th (Deadline).
Plus $15 per camper for meals when camping with Troop 26

RSVP Contact:   To camp with Troop 26, contact Christopher Smith at

4th Annual Troop 26 Webelos Outdoor Weekend (Webelos only) Troop 26 hosts a WOW for all Eagle district Webelos.  This is an awesome event that Troop 26 hosts at an awesome location.  Webelos will be able to earn pins, trick-or-treat, learn to carve pumpkins, learn about Troop 26, and experience some cool surprises.

Date:                  November 2nd & 3rd (Saturday & Sunday morning)
Theme:              Halloween theme is Dracula this year
Time:                 Arrive at 8:00AM Saturday & Depart ~10:30AM on Sunday Morning
Cost:                  $15.00 per guest (includes meals & special Troop 26 Patch)
RSVP Contact:   Christopher Smith, 918-899-5265,
Other Info:         More information to come!

WOW events are a great opportunity for Webelos to learn more about the next phase in their scouting career.  We would love to have your Webelos join us at both WOW events.  Please RSVP as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

2014 Philmont Opportunity

Indian Nations Council still has 2 spots open for a 2014 Council Contingent to Philmont.

Dates are aprox June 30 – July 12 2014
Cost is aprox $825
Must be at least 14 by 1/1/14 or 13 and have finished the 8th grade by 6/30/14.
Must pass a Philmont Backcountry physical (height and weight requirements)

This will be a co-ed crew with male and female youth from multiple units.  Barb and Marshall Dunham will be the tour leaders.

If you are interested contact Bill McGhee ( (918)760-0847.

Breaking News – No Law Merit Badge at Summer Camp

To All Scouts signed up for LAW Merit Badge:

You all just got more free time during the day at camp.

Law has been cancelled for this summer camp. There are a lot of moving parts to the crime drama and mock courtroom trial that we produce at camp. Unfortunately, many of those people involved will not be going to camp (they are going to the Jamboree instead of camp), or were not available for preparation (they were gone to Sea Base during prep time). If we can’t do it well, we shouldn’t do it at all.

Rick Hayes and I talked last Monday night and we agreed that if we cannot do it up to the usual standards, we should wait and do it next year. There is a possibility that we might do it in the fall at a regular campout but that is not a sure thing. It’s more fun to do at camp.

If you have already completed some of the written requirements, save them. You can use them later when we do it.

So, bottom line: No Law Merit Badge at this summer camp.