Troop 26 Friends of Scouting Campaign

Our annual Troop 26 Friends of Scouting Campaign will begin this Monday and last for 3 weeks (February 17 – March 3). During this time we will be collecting donations and pledges from parents, alumni, and leaders of Troop 26 in support of the Indian Nations Council-wide Friends of Scouting fundraising efforts. As in past years, we have a specific goal that we are trying to meet as our Troop and our boys benefit immensely from this program.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Friends of Scouting and how it benefits scouting in our area, there are more details below. Meanwhile, here are some simple instructions for how to participate in this year’s campaign:

If you gave last year…
If you made a donation last year to Friends of Scouting, I likely have a detailed donation card for you. I can provide it to you at any Monday night meeting during the campaign, or reply to this email and I can send you an electronic copy. This donation card will show you what you donated in the past and you can opt to repeat that amount or modify it to your choosing. This will save you a few minutes as you won’t have to complete a new card.

If you did not give last year…
I have blank donation cards that you can complete. Simply get one during an upcoming meeting, fill it out, and give it back to me. If you will not be at one of these Monday meetings, just let me know and we can make arrangements to get your donation information.

What do I do with my donation card?
Please return your donation card to me (ASM Joey Baumgartner), either via email or in-person at one of the next 3 Monday night meetings. This will ensure that your donation is counted toward our Troop 26 fundraising goal.

If neither of those options work for you, please contact me and we can make arrangements to get your card. You may reach me at

Do I have to make my payment now?
No. You may pay for your donation by credit card or check when you turn in your donation card, or you may make a pledge to donate and you will be billed for your donation. You can even elect to spread your donation out across several months.  If you wish to make a donation immediately by check, you may provide that to me when you turn in your donation card and I will deliver it to the Scout Office on your behalf.

Are there any incentives?
Yes! As in past years, there are incentives to those who give at certain levels. As in past years you will be able to earn one or more commemorative patches designed by our own Bill Shaffer. Details about the type and number of patches are provided in the donation card pamphlet. Please note that some of these incentives are time-sensitive and you donation must be complete by a certain date.

Thank you for your support of this year’s campaign!

Joey Baumgartner
Troop 26 Friends of Scouting Chair

Friends of Scouting Overview

The Friends of Scouting Campaign supports the premier youth program in the world and is the largest single source of funding for the programs of the Indian Nations Council, Boy Scouts of America.

Scouting is a wonderful program for you and your son.  However, did you know it costs the Indian Nations Council $150.00 per year to provide your son with his Scouting experience?  This represents the cost of conducting recruiting efforts such as School Night for Scouting, training leaders, maintaining camping facilities, keeping track of advancement records, publishing a Council newsletter for our volunteers, year-round support from a full-time staff and service center and much more.

The Indian Nations Council must raise these funds from interested individuals, businesses and parents.  Although we receive support 13% of our funding from the generosity of the United Way, it is not enough to fully fund Scouting in our community.

Your son’s membership fee supports the National operations of the Boy Scouts of America. The pack/troop money earning efforts support your unit.  Friends of Scouting goes to underwrite the cost of Scouting for each youth.

The Indian Nations Council makes it possible for over 28,000 youth to participate. Your support is needed and will be appreciated.