Pupukea Adventure

Hawai’i Summer Camp – Camp Pupukea

Troop 26 will be attending summer camp at Camp Pupukea on the island of Oahu, HI. This will be the second summer camp experience for Troop 26 in 2015. The troop will depart from Tulsa on Saturday, July 18th and will return on Sunday, July 26th.


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Important documents for Summer Camp

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do I need to sign up?
A: Right away! We need to know how many will attend so that we can reserve our space with Camp Pupukea.
Q: How do I reserve my spot for this awesome adventure?
A: Reserve your spot right away by making a $250 deposit with Randy in the Treasurer’s office at a Monday meeting. Randy can accept cash, checks, or money orders. We are working on being able to accept credit and debit cards, but that is not currently set up (additional processing charges will apply for credit card payments).
Q: What if I am not 100% certain I can attend?
A: You should go ahead and sign up and start making payments and plan to attend. You will have until January 1st, 2015 to make a final decision. After the 1st of January, plane tickets will be purchased and your participation will be confirmed. Once the plane ticket is purchased, you will not be able to get a refund from the troop for the ticket as it will belong to you.
Q: How much is the monthly payment?
A: You can make payment in full at any time. However, for those who need to make partial payments, the Pupukea committee is requesting that you make a minimum of $250 to your Hawai’i account to insure that the funds are in place at key milestones. At a minimum, all participants need to have $1,500 in their account by December 31st, 2014.
Q: What will we be doing on this adventure?
A: Don’t plan on earning a lot of merit badges on this trip. There will not likely be much time to work on them. Instead, plan on a trip of a lifetime doing things like sleeping on the USS Missouri, visiting Hawaiian beaches and swimming in the ocean, boogie boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, attending luaus and visiting the Punch Bowl, the Arizona and Oklahoma Memorial and the Pacific Aviation Museum!
Q: Can I buy my own plane ticket or use Frequent Flier Miles?
A: No. All participants will travel to and from Hawai’i with the troop. To insure the safety and the availability of seats for all participants, we cannot permit outside options for travel arrangements. It is important that all tickets be purchased together with the same fare class to insure that no one will be rerouted or bumped from any of the flights. The logistics of traveling with a large group are challenging and unfortunately, can only be managed by streamlining the purchase of tickets and travel without exceptions.
Q: Can parents attend summer camp at Pukukea?
A: Absolutely! Both parents are welcome to attend. However, all participants must be registered with Troop 26 and all adults must have their Youth Protection Training up to date prior to departing for Hawai’i. All participants will be staying at camp Pupukea and will use the tents provided by the camp for sleeping arrangements.
Q: What does the $2,600 fee cover?
A: The fee covers 1.) travel expenses to and from Tulsa as well as all transportation around the Hawaiian islands, 2.) lodging while on the island, 3.) admission to all Troop 26 planned attractions, 4.) all meals for the entire week, and 5.) miscellaneous Troop 26 gear (to be announced later). The fee does not include additional spending money while on the trek. Spending money is typically needed only for purchasing souvenirs and snacks while traveling. It is not required, but is generally recommended.
Q: How much spending money should I plan on bringing?
A: Spending money varies by individual. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and participants should be plan accordingly. Generally speaking, $100-200 of spending money for the week will allow participants to bring back some pretty awesome memorabilia and souvenirs for the family. As in past treks, expect the money to be collected ahead of the trip and handled by one of the adult leaders while on the trip.

2015 Camp Pupukea Details

Troop 26 will be traveling to Oahu, Hawai’i to attend summer camp at Camp Pupukea

Campmaster: ASM JJ Jorishie
Date: Saturday, July 18th – Sunday, July 26th Starts in 329 days, 6 hours, 35 minutes
Estimated Cost: $2,600
Deposits: A deposit of $250 is required to secure your spot at camp Pupukea. Scouts should be making monthly payments of $250.  Participants must have $1,500 in their accounts by January 1st to insure their participation.  Payments can be made to Randy McGuire at any time during Monday night meetings.
Location: Camp Pupukea, Oahu, Hawai’i
 Course Registration: Camp Pupukea will not be like a normal summer camp.  While merit badge courses may be available, the troop will mostly be touring Hawai’i and the activities that the troop will be participating in will mostly be outside of Camp Pupukea.
Medical Forms: All summer camp attendees (scouts and adults) must have updated medical forms.  This requires a visit to your primary care physician for a physical.  This needs to be completed no later than April 30th.  Submit all medical forms to Dennis Keilbarth.  Download the latest medical form: 
Prescriptions: Scouts who require prescriptions must provide the prescriptions to the camp doctor in advance of summer camp.  Prescriptions must be in their original container with the scout name clearly marked on the bottle.  Dr. Parks cannot legally accept medication in unmarked containers.
 Contacts: Senior Patrol Leader – TBACamp Master – JJ Jorishie

Advancements – Rick Hayes

Medical forms - TBA

Prescriptions – TBA

Adult Training: All adults planning to attend summer camp must be registered with troop and must have current in their Youth Protection Training.  Please make sure that your certification is on file with Jim Gonders.
Swim Check: Water sports will be a major component of the trip to Hawai’i.  The troop will be visiting beaches, swimming in the ocean, boogie boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.  All participants should be working on their swimming skills and prepare for a rigorous adventure in Hawai’i.