2021 Summer Camp

Troop 26 will attend Summer Camp this year at Zbase camp at Zink Ranch near Skiatook, OK

Upcoming Important Dates:

Work Day – done
T-Shirt Sign up – now
Payments due – now
Swim Check – done
Medical Turn in – now
Prescription Turn in – now
Sign up for 6/16 closing cookout – no later than June 1st
Summer Camp – June 11th-June 16th

Camp Information:

Campmaster: ASM Scott Pollard
Date: Friday, June 11th – Wednesday, June 16th
Registration Cost: $345 for Scouts / $225 for Adults (day rates also available) / +$75 for Horsemanship Merit Badge
Location: Zbase camp at Zink Ranch, Skiatook, OK
Early Setup Details: Talk to Scott if early arrival.
Friday Sign In:  no earlier than 3:00pm (we have to be setup to receive scouts) until 5:00pm

*UPDATED 06/09/21 – Camp Maps and Directions

Gate Code to enter Zink Ranch will be sent Wednesday the 9th via email.  All cars must have this code.  Speed Limit at Zink Ranch is 25 mph – NO EXCEPTIONS.  Remember, we are guests of the Zink Ranch, and do not want to damage the relationship between the Indian Nations Council and Zink Ranch by speeding.  Yes, the road is long and asphalted, but follow the speed limit.  The speed limit is for everyone’s safety!  If you are caught speeding by Zink Ranch staff, you may be asked to leave the property.

  • After going through the Zink Ranch Gates:
    • Go up the hill and veer to the right, then curve to the left and go north (do not go down paths marked “Private”)
    • When you reach “The Y” (sign with listings of all the facilities at the Zink Ranch) – veer to the right (North)  and follow signs to ZBASE (2.4 miles)
    • Go past Red Castle Gun Club and go through the ZBASE Gates
    • Park in the big parking lot by the Welcome Pavilion.  No driving in Base Camp unless permitted.

Work Day Sign Up:

Weather permitting, will be working on various projects at ZBase on 5/22 from 8:00am to 12:00pm to prepare for our summer camp.  If you will be attending, please sign up here.   Bring water, gloves, and wear long pants and boots.

*UPDATED 06/08/21 – Closing Cookout Signup:

You are invited to join us for our Closing Cookout and Campfire and this year’s Summer Camp at ZBase.  Register to join us for Dinner the final night of the camp and stay for the campfire! (And, as an added bonus, you get to take your Scout home after campfire!).  Your Scout will be packed and ready to load their gear in your vehicle prior to Dinner, and then after the campfire, we will all depart the camp.

Dinner will be $10 per person.  Please register the quantity of attendees for dinner (do not include scouts already attending camp), and we will let you know the final cost soon.  If you will be attending, please sign up here.

Adult Volunteer Sign Up:

If you are an Adult and want to attend all or part of summer camp to assist, please sign up here.  If you are planning on working in the kitchen, you will need your food handlers permit.  There is a free online food handlers course for volunteers and it is available here https://tulsa-health.org/volunteer-online-training 


Scouts should be making regular payments to cover the cost of summer camp.  Visit the Fundraiser page (in the Members section) to learn more about money earning opportunities to earn funds for Summer Camp.  Payments can be made to Jim Gonders at any time during Monday night meetings or by contacting him at jgondersjr@gmail.com

Spending Money:

Summer Camp spending money needs to be turned in to Jim Gonders by Monday May 24th.  Suggested amount is $50 – $75, but ultimately up to each Scout’s parent. Turn in spending money in an envelope with the following information clearly labeled:

  • Name of Scout,
  • Scout’s patrol
  • Amount of money in envelope. 

If a Scout wants to use money from their scout account, then envelope should be labeled the same way, but Mr. Gonders will put the cash in it.  Additionally, please provide small bills only (1’s and 5’s preferably).


Medical Forms:

All summer camp attendees (Scouts and Adults) must have updated medical forms.  This requires a visit to your primary care physician for a physical.  Submit all medical forms to Dennis Zvacek.  If you do not have an up-to-date medical form, you will not be allowed to go to summer camp.


Scouts who require prescriptions must provide the prescriptions to the troop medical staff in advance of summer camp.  Prescriptions must be in their original container with the scout name clearly marked on the bottle.  The troop medical staff cannot legally accept medication in unmarked containers.


Senior Patrol Leader – Micah Mills
Camp Master – Scott Pollard
Advancements – Rick Hayes
Medical forms – Dennis Zvacek
Prescriptions – Dr. Frank Parks

Adult Training:

All Adults planning to attend summer camp must be current in their Youth Protection Training.  Please make sure that your certification is on file with Christopher Smith.

Swim Check:

All Scouts and Adults need to do a swim check before summer camp.

Scout Photos:

Each Scout and Registered Adult needs to have an updated picture taken.  Please see Josh Hayes before/after the Monday night meeting to have your photo taken.

T-Shirt Sign Up:

Every attendee needs to complete the Summer Camp SignUp Genius to order your t-shirts (included in fees). NOTE: Please register under your Scout’s name and register each Scout separately so we can properly track t-shirt orders.

*UPDATED 05/27/21 – Course Registration:

1st Year Campers:  If your Scout has not attended Summer Camp with the Troop and earned the Swimming Merit Badge, we consider them a “1st Year Camper.”  They will be assigned the following classes: Swimming, Canoeing, Indian Lore, Leatherwork, and Basketry.  In addition, they will select 2-3 additional elective merit badges from the overall list below.

2nd Year Campers:  If your Scout earned the Swimming Merit Badge, but not the Lifesaving badge, we consider them a “2nd Year Camper.”  They will be assigned the following classes: Lifesaving and Canoeing.  If they do not have Indian Lore, Leatherwork, or Basketry, then they may be assigned those, too.  In addition, they will select merit badges from the overall list below.

Below is our current list of merit badges and activities that we are offering—there may be some additions as we get closer.  The current Schedule is also provided.

  • Swimming (1)
  • Lifesaving (1)
  • Canoeing (1)
  • Kayaking (1)
  • Nature
  • Forestry
  • First Aid
  • Leatherwork (2)
  • Indian Lore (2)
  • Horsemanship
  • Communication
  • Fishing
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Search and Rescue
  • Woodcarving
  • Instructional Swimming
  • Sporting Clays (Shotgun Shooting)  – All
  • Climbing Tower/Big Zip – 13 yrs and older
    (1)  There is a mandatory pre-session, Saturday, May 1st
    (2)  All first-year scouts should register for these classes if they do not already have them

Watch for the troop announcements and other emails for additional information.
Scott Pollard
Troop 26 Summer Camp Campmaster