De Vebelos are on dere vay!

Troop 26 will be hosting its annual Webelos Weekend at Dog Iron Ranch on November 1-3. Count Dracula will be the host for our Webelos guests and you can join in the festivities with a T-shirt featuring bad Vlad himself. (See artwork below.) Long-sleeve, black T-shirts will be available for order at the troop meeting on Monday the 14th. The cost will be $10.00/shirt, sizes Adult S thru XXXL. Scouts & Scouters can pay with cash, check or Scout account. Please see John Points and J.J. Jorishie next Monday night to order yours!

‘Cause when they’re gone, they’re gone………..and that bites.

Fangs for your attention!

Dracula II - 2013 Troop 26 WOW