From the Albums of Bill Shaffer – Mt. Capulin

Mt. Capulin-final

As I look through my photos, trying to pick the best ones for the Troop 26 website, I am most drawn to the photos from my 10 Philmont treks.  Ten times, challenging myself, testing myself, pushing myself to the limit of my physical and mental endurance, those were special times.  Each one special in a different way.  Each one challenging in a different way.  This is one of my favorite photos.  I’m not sure which trek this was. I’m pretty sure that this photo was taken on Mt. Capulin, on the way to Philmont.   I can’t name all the guys in the photo.  I wish I had a roster but I don’t.  A couple of the faces are fuzzy.  I’m on the back row with one scout.  I’m not sure who it was.  The front row, left to right is Marty Lansford, Jeff Batchelor, Tim Askew, Alan Dalton, Joe Stallings and then John Pinkley.  Down in front is Steve Curry.  I’m going to figure out who that other scout is as soon as I locate my other photos from that particular trek.