Bill Shaffer is famous for the intricate and beautiful patches he designs for troop events. This gallery is dedicated to Bill and his work. Each patch will be accompanied by a short description which can include history or highlight specific details of the patch. Click on each category banner to view related patches.

Summer Camp Patches

Troop 26 has visited Hale Scout Reservation (previously known as Camp Tom Hale) near Talahina, OK nearly every year for almost half a century. In that time, the troop has also traveled to summer camps in other places such as Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, South Dakota, and even Alaska and Hawaii. This gallery showcases Troop 26’s patches from summer camps both far and near.

WOW Patches

Webelos Outdoor Weekend events are very important in the development and growth of the troop. WOWs are a great opportunity for Cub Scouts to get a taste of our troop and how we operate. District WOW events are often held at the Mabee Scout Reservation (Camp Garland), and our Troop 26 Webelos Hallo-Weekend WOWs are held at Will Rogers’ Birthplace, Dog Iron Ranch, annually. Beware these patches, some of them may haunt you at night.

District Patches

District WOWs and Campborees are always fun and exciting, as all of the troops in the area are able to come together and make great memories. These events typically revolve around a central theme, with corresponding games and activities. These events are usually held once or twice a year at the Mabee Scout Reservation (Camp Garland). Here are some of the patches from these events.

Awards Patches

Many factors come together to make Troop 26 a fantastic troop. These patches commemorate those who contribute to the troop’s greatness. Winter campers are the heart of the troop, as they are the most dependable and faithful in the midst of school-year distractions and harsh weather. The Heidorn Brotherhood of the Wolf award honors those who go on every campout during a single winter term. The long-time Assistant Scoutmasters who support the troop are also crucial to our troop’s operation and are therefore worthy of honor and recognition. The Troop 26 Pillars award is given annually at our August float trips to those adults who create the foundations for our program.

Special Events Patches

Special themed campouts, big trips, high adventure treks, and Jamborees are all important parts of our program here in Troop 26. While not all themed campouts and high adventure treks have corresponding patches, all of these events are fun and unforgettable. These events are typically one-of-a-kind, so the unique memories from each are treasured by those who attend. These are the patches that hold many of those memories.