Autumn Adventure 2012


This Event is Closed…


There will be a status review meeting for the upcoming Autumn Adventure trip to Philmont this coming Monday, September 17th, at 7:00 PM in the Good Shepherd sanctuary.   We will be discussing itinerary options, transportation, gear list, health forms and fielding questions about the trip.  This isthe night to put down a $50 deposit if you’re planning to go!

Life Scouts!  This program is really intended for Eagle Scouts, BUT if you have an interest in going and can demonstrate to Rick Hayes and John Points that you have a “game plan” to complete your Eagle requirements in the next 6 months, then you could be eligible to attend.  Please come to the meeting and check it out!

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Never been to Philmont in the Fall?!?

Well, here’s your opportunity to set that right.  Troop 26 is planning to take an interested group of youth, alumni and adult leaders for the Autumn Adventure program at Philmont this October.  At this early juncture, the troop leadership is endeavoring to gauge the level of interest in the program and determine an approximate headcount of participants.  Please read through the details of the trip that are provided below and then tell us …….“I want to go back to Philmont!”


Depart Tulsa – Tuesday evening, October 16th.
Return to Tulsa – Sunday evening, October 21st.


The Troop contingent will plan to arrive at Philmont around 1:00 PM on Wednesday the 17th and be in the backcountry late that afternoon.
All of the crews will hike or be transported back into Base Camp on Saturday afternoon.
The contingent will stay in the Base Camp staff tents on Saturday night.
Depart for Tulsa from Philmont on Sunday morning.
Arrive in Tulsa before 6:00 PM Sunday evening.


The Philmont program fee is $45/day/person.  Estimated to be approximately $150/person.  A $50 deposit is required to reserve your spot.
Gerald Bradley has made arrangements for a bus to transport the group to and from Philmont.  Depending on the number of participants on the bus, individual travel is expected to be approximately $125/person assuming three crews.  Less if we take a fourth crew.
Allow extra funds for meals on the road and souvenirs.


There actually is no program, as there are no staff members in the back-country!  Each crew gets to design their own trek with their Ranger.  Autumn Adventure is much more relaxed than the summer treks, as there is no urgency to get to the next camp for program.  The days are spent hiking through the woods, observing the fall colors, watching for wildlife, taking photos, catching a nap and lingering over your meals.  Please see the attached information from Philmont to read more about the program.


The Troop is presently planning to field three crews.  A fourth crew can be added if there is enough interest.  Tentatively, the plan is to have:

  The Alumni Crew – This will be a co-ed crew with Marshall and Barb Dunham as the Crew Advisors.  Joining them will be several Alumni Eagle Scouts and their wives who backpack; Hunter Niemi, Alex Points.  The crew will plan and complete a 3-day mini-trek with their Ranger.  This crew is recommended for past Eagle Scouts in their 20’s and 30’s.  Troop 26 would really like to see some of our past SPLs and Eagle Scouts come back to trek with us at Philmont!

CREW 2: The Miranda Crew
– This crew is planning to establish a “base” camp in the meadow at Miranda and then make spoke hikes each day.  Weather permitting, a 1-day ascent of Baldy could happen for interested members of this crew.  Bill Shaffer and Rick Hayes will be the Crew Advisors for this crew.

CREW 3: The Traditional Crew 
– This will be the more traditional style of Philmont crew with a mixture of youth and adults on a 3-day trek.  The group will design their own itinerary and determine what portions of the ranch they want to see and where they want to camp each night.  They could even decide to just hike for one day and then spend two days at Fish Camp!


Must be a registered Scout or Scouter with Troop 26.  (The Troop leadership will work with the alumni to get you current.)
Adults must be current on the Youth Protection on-line training course.
Must have a completed health history using the Philmont physical form.
Must meet Philmont height, weight and age requirements.
Eagle Scouts will have the first opportunity to participate
.  Youth that are 21 years old or less need to be Eagle Scouts to sign-up.  If a Scout can demonstrate to Rick Hayes that he will complete the requirements for Eagle before the end of 2012, then he will be eligible to go.  If the three crews fail to fill by September 15, 2012, then Ray Yarroll and Bill Shaffer will make a determination as to whether Life Scouts will be allowed to fill any open positions.


There are nearly 30 people on the “interested” list.  If you would like to participate in Autumn Adventure or have any questions or just want to confirm that you’re already on the list, please contact John Points at

“….PHILMONT here’s to thee, Scouting paradise, out in God’s country…..tonight.”