Jamboree 2017

Troop 26 will attended the national Jamboree in 2017 at The Summit in beautiful West Virginia!

Jamboree Details
Jamboree Documents

2017 Jamboree Details

Date: Saturday, July 15th to Tuesday, August 1st
Total Cost: $2,200, plus spending money
Location: The Summit, Bechtel Scout Reserve, West Virginia
Included in Cost: Jamboree Registration, transportation to and from Jamboree, meals, lodging, cost of touring events before and after Jamboree, and miscellaneous troop gear.
NOT Included in Cost: Cost of  personal items .  Watch for more information on recommended packing list.  The cost also does not include extra spending money for souvenirs!  Plan to bring extra money on the trip.
Touring Info: The Jamboree planning committee has packed our touring with stops at Shiloh Battlefield, Mammoth Cave, whitewater rafting, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Monticello! It’s a ton of sites and memories!
Prescriptions: Scouts who require prescriptions will need to provide their prescriptions ahead of Jamboree.  Watch for more information as Jamboree approaches.  NOTE: Prescriptions must be in their original container with the scout name clearly marked on the bottle.  Troop 26 cannot legally accept medication in unmarked containers.
 Contacts: Troop 3101
Senior Patrol Leader  –  John F.
Scoutmaster  –  Bill Shaffer
Troop 3102
Senior Patrol Leader  –  Jack S.
Scoutmaster  –  Dennis Zvacek
Adult Training: All adults scheduled to attend Jamboree must be current in their Youth Protection Training.  Please make sure that your certification is on file with Jim Gonders.
Mailing Address for Participants Full Name
Jamboree Troop # (3101 or 3102)
2017 National Jamboree
92 SBR 2
Mount Hope, WV 25888

Troop Details

3101 3102
SPL John Jack
Scoutmaster Bill Shaffer Dennis Zvacek

Jamboree Documents

Jamboree Gear List

Jamboree Shakedown Presentation

Jamboree Itinerary