White Stag Leadership Program

Troop 26 has developed a custom leadership program geared towards young scouts who want to learn how to be good leaders and take on leadership roles early in their scouting careers.  The White Stag leadership program fills a leadership training gap.  To participate in the White Stag Leadership Program, a candidate must be a registered member of Troop 26 and will need to apply for the program and go through an extensive interview process.  Preference will go towards candidates who are under the age of 13 years old.

Candidates selected to participate in the program will go through an eight week training course, learning the basic principals of good leadership.  In addition, candidates will participate in a weekend camp out where they will get hands on experience working as a team and leading each other in a real world environment.

The course is taught by Troop 26 Leadership Corps members and Assistant Scoutmasters.  When completed, White Stag Leadership Program graduates should be capable of effectively leading a patrol.

The first graduating class of White Stag Leadership Program completed all requirements in the Spring of 2013.  To learn more about the program contact Bill Fournet or Eric Kingery.

Are you interested in participating in the White Stag Leadership Training Program?  Please fill out the form below indicating your interest.  Someone will contact you to provide you more information about the program.

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