Chickamauga Civil War Battlefield

We arrived at Chickamauga National Battlefield this morning and watched a film about the battle. Our Park Ranger Chris gave us a very informative and passionate talk about the Civil War and it’s history in the region. Chattanooga was a pivotal battleground because of its significance as a rail and river trade route.


Chickamauga National Military Park

We all study the Civil War in school. However, nothing makes it more real than visiting a battlefield. At Chickamauga, we watched a brief documentary about the battles for Chattanooga, with Chickamauga being the deadliest (and the second most deadly of the war).

After the documentary, we went out back and was met by park ranger Chris, who was dressed as a confederate soldier. He gave a fantastic history lesson.


I was both moved and impressed by the sincere reverence and respect displayed by our entire troop. Everyone listened intently and asked great questions. It was a very sobering experience.


Below is a picture of some of the artillery on display as well as the view of part of the battlefield.