From the Albums of Bill Shaffer – Capital Building

Picture at the National CapitalThis was taken in Washington DC in front of the nation’s capitol. What a photo. The sky was so blue and the building and the clouds were so white. A great group of kids and adults. In fact, the best Scouts in America from the best troop in America. I am, of course, slightly prejudiced. I love this photo because the building reminds us of times gone by and the men who climbed these steps who helped build this amazing country. And the kids represent the future and the boys who will grow up and continue to build it. This photo makes me feel patriotic.

Troop 26 Jamboree Shakedown

Troop 26 gathered on Sunday, June 30th for the Jamboree Shakedown. This was our opportunity to divide into our troops (A229 and C117) under the direction of out SPLs. Each of the patrols came up with their patrol names and got an opportunity to work together for a while in preparation for the big adventure.

No Troop 26 trip would be complete without the wisdom and leadership of our formidable scoutmaster. Bill is seen in the picture speaking to the participants about making the most out of this huge opportunity in front of them.