From the Albums of Bill Shaffer – First Eagle

First Eagle“Being an Eagle Scout” has reached epic proportions in Troop 26.  I’m not exactly sure how many Eagle Scout Medals have been awarded by Troop 26 over the years but it is somewhere over 650.  The first was awarded over 50 years ago.  This is an early photo of Troop 26’s first Eagle Scout, Walmer Frank.  He is the scout on the left.  He was the son of Pastor Walmer Frank of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  He was an older scout in the troop when I became a member in 1956.  This photo was taken in 1955, about a year before I joined the troop.  I remember Walmer as a great leader and an older boy that we all looked up to.  Also in the picture are the old camper tents the troop used to use all those years ago.