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We have a great troop, steeped in tradition and known for innovation.
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Boy Scout Troop 26    Tulsa, Oklahoma

Welcome to Troop 26 . . .Welcome to the Boy Scouts of America, a great reward awaits you and your son.  Scouting is a grand adventure full of exciting and interesting experiences.  Interwoven with these experiences are life lessons taught to build character, foster citizenship, and develop fitness.  Your son will experience many things.  He will have the opportunity to learn and appreciate things that most others will never have the opportunity to learn and appreciate.  All the while, he will be having fun.  

Your reward?  The joy of seeing your son develop self-reliance, self-confidence, initiative, resourcefulness, moral character, and courage, watching as he matures into a valued leader with quality values and good judgement, and finally, remembering him as a new Boy Scout while watching the Eagle Scout Award being pinned to his chest.  This is what lies ahead.    The purpose of our visitor’s package is to invite you, both scouts and parents, into the wonderful world of Scouting with Troop 26.  We hope you have a truly rewarding experience as you advance through the ranks of Scouting from Tenderfoot to Eagle.  

We, the parents and adult leaders of Troop 26, pledge to help each Scout learn the Scouting skills and ideals that will serve him every day for the rest of his life. Troop 26 has been continuously sponsored as a Boy Scout Troop in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 1954.  Since 1969, Troop 26 has been honored to present the Eagle Scout Award (the highest rank in Scouting) to over 675 of its members.  Nationally, only about 4% of all Boy Scouts attain the Eagle rank.  In Troop 26 that percentage is over 60%.

Troop 26 is a “Scout Run” troop.   The Senior Patrol Leader, Leadership Corps, Patrol Leaders, and Assistant Patrol Leaders, are all scouts within the Troop. These young men run the Troop using the principles of the Scout Law, the Scout Oath, the Scout Slogan, and the Scout Motto.  The Scoutmaster provides direct guidance to the scouts and is the link between scouts and parents.  

The Troop has a Troop Committee to provide administrative guidance and financial support to the Troop.  All parents are welcome to attend Troop Committee meetings, and are encouraged to become a member of the Committee.   Please contact us with any questions.  Again, we invite you to join the Troop 26 family.  We look forward to meeting and working with you and your son on his path to Eagle.