Webmaster’s Page

A number of recent changes and updates have been made to the troop website. Here are some of the things for you to check out:

  • Favorite Photos from Bill Shaffer – Bill has started a weekly series, posting some great pictures of people, places, and events that have become favorite memories over the years.
  • SPL Page Updates – Caleb is taking an active role in posting information to the website through the SPL page. Be sure to check back weekly for any new information or updates he provides.
  • Join Troop 26 – This pages has been added to help Webelos and new scouts learn about why they should join troop 26 and help them find the necessary resources for joining the troop.
  • News & Events Archive – The new Troop26.org website makes it easy to post information. Typically speaking, all new information gets posted to the home page first, and then can be moved at a later day (like after the event takes place) to this new page. This page is intended to provide a resource to help keep track of important news and events that occurred in the past.
  • Documents Download – You may have noticed that the way that some documents are downloaded has changed. It use to be a simple link that you clicked on and then the document would typically automatically open. A security flaw was discovered in the old method and it was discovered that some documents that were supposed to be protected, were actually open for the whole world to see. The new system provides much tighter security of our private documents and allows us to track downloads (a nice new feature). More documents will be moved to the new system as we continue to develop the site.
  • Video Gallery – Troop 26 has a new YouTube page! We have added a video gallery page to the troop website to make it easier to list the videos. Want to post videos to the troops YouTube page? Contact your SPL or webmaster and they’ll make it happen. Under Pages on the Troop 26 menu.
  • Photo Gallery – Troop 26 maintains all of our photos through SmugMug.com. This is a great photo sharing website. We were recently able to embed the photo galleries from SmugMug directly into the Troop 26 website so that you don’t have to go to a different site to view the photo gallery. Under Pages on the Troop 26 menu.
  • Quick Links – A Quick Links widget has been added to the right side of the page to make it easier to access some key pages.

There are lots of great things in the works for the website. Here are some things on the list:

  • Troop Store – Would you like to be able to purchase patches, shirts, books, and other Troop 26 merchandise directly from the website? Setup is underway and lots of details are being worked out to be able to support this capability. Hopefully, one day it may become a reality.
  • Hall of Fame – There are a lot of great people who are or have been affiliated with the troop. They have great stories that need to be documented and shared for posterity. Look for these stories to become available at some time in the future.
  • Troop 26 Patches – Do you have any idea how many patches have been designed by Bill for Troop 26? Have you seen them all? Do you know what events they were created for? Collecting photos and documenting all of these patches is a monumental task, but it would be great to show the catalog of patches on the Troop 26 website. Look for this in the future.

Do you have thoughts and ideas about changes or additions that should be made to Troop26.org? Post your comments & suggestions below and we will add them to our list.