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Hey everybody! Tyler G. here. I’m here to talk about the plans I have for the rest of the campouts for my term,

First off, January is going to be a bit more relaxed, however my goal is to make a very advancement focused camp-out by ask adult to teach merit badges and getting as many LC to come as possible, so with that if you have any request then I would recommend ether talking to me on a Monday night, or submitting and email request from the merit badge section of the members tab of this website. also we are going to tatanka so grab your binoculars because i’ll make sure that the 100 feet tall tower is open for us.


It’s finally time to start thinking about February otherwise known as our hunger games campout! This is going to be a blast. Just so that you all know, I already have the ENTIRE campout planned out. now obviously I don’t what to spoil the whole campout right now but there something that I want you guys to know and be ready for.

For you patrol leaders, Mr. Heidorn is planing to cook for the troop for the February campout (the entire weekend) so you don’t have to worry about creating a meal plan. Also, have your battle flags ready and prepped to show off during the games, and at the next TLC districts will be drawn at random to each of you, that you will then represent during the campout and maybe get advantages depending on what your district’s specialty is.

Before the games there will be a training course were certain survival skills will be tested and the winner may get a advantage during the game, so practice your knot tying and “shelter building” (wink).

Finally, just because people have been asking. NO, NO REAL WEAPONS WILL BE USED DURING THE GAMES AND NO ONE IS ACTUALLY GOING TO DIE, I have plan for a fun, safe way to play the hunger games without it ever being dangerous and had safety in mind when planing this campout.

Senior Patrol Leader, Tyler G.

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