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hey everybody! Tyler Gillentine here, I’m here to talk about the Troop 26 Family Dinner. This is going to be a great event, alumni, family members, scouts, and all are invited!  Simply $10 for ages 17 and up and $7 for ages 16 and below (kids 3 and under eat free). Invitations will be given out at the Court of Honor. The date for this is Saturday, November 22 at 5:00pm, at the church gym. Since we don’t have a campout, this is what we are focusing on in November.  Each patrol must bring some form of dessert too share and have a skit ready.
This is going to be a big event.  Rib Crib will be catering, so it’s going to be delicious!  This is going to be for the parents to see what there kids have been a part of, and learn what their son is doing with Troop 26. A lot of good people will be involved. This IS our campout for November, don’t blow this off.  A slide show of past campouts and events Troop 26 has been a part of will run during the entire dinner and some presentations will be made. Skits will be performed, the Troop 26 Museum will be out and open for everyone, A section will be made for proper campout equipment so you all know exactly what is needed to be ready for the winter campouts.
This is our big event for November and I hope to see a good attendance so bring your cousin and Uncle Pete and chow down on some BBQ!

In December we will be having a all dutch oven cooking camp-out (witch means that for you, patrol leaders, plan to cook with a dutch oven if you want a chance to win the Montezuma Spoon) and bring a bit of Christmas spirit so bring your tinsel and Santa hat and prepare to play secret Santa! (for those of you who don’t know what that is, we all put our name in a hat and draw them at random and give that person a gift). something heart felt and nice so be ready to take part in that some meeting coming up.   P.S. this is not a major theme campout we are just having some Christmas spirit and playing secret Santa.

also Eli is taking a good job and posting videos on the troop YouTube account so here his recent camp out video and be sure to subscribe!

Senior Patrol Leader, Tyler Gillentine.

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