From the Albums of Bill Shaffer – AOL Team

Our Troop 26 Arrow of Light team has always been a highlight of each year.  Lots of Troop 26 scouts have put on the regalia, donned the face paint, and welcomed hundreds of Webelos Scouts into scouting.  Many of them joined Troop 26 and came back later to participate as part of our AOL team.  In this photo, Eagle Scout and SPL Bobby Doby prepares for his role as Talks With Thunder, the Medicine Man.  Bobby did a great job in this part.

AOL team-final

From the Albums of Bill Shaffer – SPL Bolo

Senior Patrol Leader Bolo

One of the traditional parts of the Senior Patrol Leaders Investiture is the presentation of the Senior Patrol Leader’s Bolo.  It was purchased in Alaska and was presented for the first time in 1999 to Hunter Neimi when he was SPL.  Thirty outstanding Eagle Scouts have worn this bolo since it was first presented.  Each of the thirty served a winter term or a summer term for a six month period of time.  The bolo was chewed on by Matt Carney’s dog in 2004 which added personality to the object.  It will be presented again in several weeks for the thirty-first time.