If you have not acquired an official ID, you have to do that today. TODAY. The e-mail below was sent weeks ago by JJ Jorishie and has been disregarded by many. It cannot be disregarded past Monday. Today! Airline tickets must be purchased this week and we cannot do that without this information. If you are going to Hawaii, 100% of the participants, youth and adults, must have this cleaned up by tonight’s meeting. Read the information below and call me, 918-493-3213, if you have any questions. Read it carefully because any mistakes will cause problems and will cost an additional fee to get it corrected.

If you need an I.D. go to any auto tag agent and get one immediately and then send the information to twright@eaglesun.com immediately. We are trying to get the proper name on all the airline tickets and the above information is needed. If the name on the ticket does not match the name on the I.D. exactly there is a $100.00 fee to make it correct. That fee will be covered by whoever’s ticket does not match the I.D. when we check in at the airport. Remember we are trying to get 37 people checked in and through security so if you have not done this please do it now. If you are going to use a passport then we need the name and race exactly as it appears on the passport. If you are using your drivers license the same applies.


Court of Honor, Investiture, and more. This is the first episode that is completely (excluding the intro and outro) unedited, so catch us at a meeting and tell us how great or terrible it is. Also, let’s see how many people we can get to post with #DavidandKylerToldMeTo! (Listen + Eat Sandwiches + Add Hashtag + Tag @Troop26Tulsa)

February Campout Postponed

Greetings all! The Troop 26 high council has determined that the road conditions and the forecast for the weekend are such that travel to / from the campout could cause a safety issue. The campout this weekend has been postponed. Stay safe and we’ll see you Sunday for the CoH setup.

Scoutmaster of the Year

At the Eagle District Awards Banquet on Thursday January 29th, Troop 26 Scoutmaster Bill Shaffer was honored with the Eagle District Scoutmaster of the Year award!  Be sure to congratulate Bill and let him know how much you appreciate him.  Other Troop 26 members receiving awards at the banquet include John Points for the incredible Scottish Games Camporee that he organized and Christian Burt for his work as the Chairman of the Webelos Outdoor Woods effort.  Christian also received the Rising Star award.  Troop 26 received an award for the highest popcorn sales in the council.  Others who received honorable mentions include JJ Jorishie and Steve Balman for their work with the district Eagle Boards and Troop 26 scout mom Kimberly Paul for her work with the Friends of Scouting campaign.

Weekly Podcast – Episode 3 (1/19/2015)

In episode 3 of the weekly Troop 26 podcast, Johnny F. steps in for David who is out with a funky voice. Kyler and Johnny discuss the news of the week, how the Eskimos’ won the Montezuma Spoon with their great food and slick presentation, and other highlights of the January campout this past weekend.

The podcast is now listed on Apple. Go and subscribe through iTunes and stay updated on what’s going on with Troop 26! Click here to subscribe.

We are trying to decide in which Android podcast directories we should list the troop’s podcast. Let us know if you have a preference.

Weekly Podcast – Episode 2 (1/12/2015)

This is episode 2 of the weekly Troop 26 podcast. SPL Tyler G. joins David and Kyler to give the news of the week and to discuss upcoming events, including a preview of the Hunger Games camp out in February.

The podcast is now listed on Apple. Go and subscribe through iTunes and stay updated on what’s going on with Troop 26! Click here to subscribe.

Weekly Troop 26 Podcast – Episode 1

This is the first official Weekly Troop 26 podcast. This podcast includes the announcements for the week of January 5th, 2015, the first official scouting week of 2015.

Note: The podcast has been submitted to Apple but approval to be included in the Apple directory is still pending. Hopefully that process will be completed by next Monday.

Instructions for Making a Kilt – Eagle District Camporee 2014

Below are the instructions for how to measure for a kilt.  Click the link to download.

[wpdm_file id=45]

The next step in making your kilt is to calculate the amount of fabric required.  Below are the instructions for calculating the fabric for your kilt.

[wpdm_file id=46]

Finally, below is the instructions for making a kilt.

[wpdm_file id=47]

Upcoming Cub Scout / Webelos Events

There are three events that Troop 26 would like to invite cub scout packs / Webelos to attend.  Please share this invitation with all Cub Scout Packs and/or Webelos Dens.

Fall Festival – Saturday, September 21st come at the Jack Graves Scout Reservation (Located at 101st St. and 193rd E. Ave Broken Arrow, OK – next to NSU Broken Arrow).  This event is open to all cub scouts and Webelos and is free of charge.  Visit Troop 26 at the Archaeology dig site & museum.  Come dig for buried artifacts, visit the museum, and see our Sarcophagus!!!!  Troop 26 scouts should sign up and help lead this great event.  Contact ASM Christopher Smith to sign up.

Eagle District Fall Camporee/WOW (Webelos only)– This is a great opportunity for Webelos to camp with boy scout troops from all over the district to learn more about what it means to be a boy scout, and to search out a scout troop that will excite and enable them to grow into young men of high character.  Troop 26 invites your Webelos to camp with us or to visit our troop while at the event.  Please contact Christopher Smith at christopher@troop26.org to get details on camping with Troop 26 at the Eagle District Fall Camporee.

Date:             Troop 26 Scouts, October 11th-13th / Webelos, October 12th – 13th, 2013
Time:            Webelos Patrols – Arrive at 8:00 AM, Saturday the 12th
Location:      Contact Christopher Smith for camping details
Cost:             $8.00 per guest through September 27, 2013; Scout or Webelos, youth or adult
$10.00/camper September 30th through October 9th (Deadline).
Plus $15 per camper for meals when camping with Troop 26

RSVP Contact:   To camp with Troop 26, contact Christopher Smith at Christopher@troop26.org

4th Annual Troop 26 Webelos Outdoor Weekend (Webelos only) Troop 26 hosts a WOW for all Eagle district Webelos.  This is an awesome event that Troop 26 hosts at an awesome location.  Webelos will be able to earn pins, trick-or-treat, learn to carve pumpkins, learn about Troop 26, and experience some cool surprises.

Date:                  November 2nd & 3rd (Saturday & Sunday morning)
Theme:              Halloween theme is Dracula this year
Time:                 Arrive at 8:00AM Saturday & Depart ~10:30AM on Sunday Morning
Cost:                  $15.00 per guest (includes meals & special Troop 26 Patch)
RSVP Contact:   Christopher Smith, 918-899-5265, Christopher@troop26.org
Other Info:         More information to come!

WOW events are a great opportunity for Webelos to learn more about the next phase in their scouting career.  We would love to have your Webelos join us at both WOW events.  Please RSVP as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

Jamboree Preparation Notes

The following notes were sent by John W. Manz, Area Commissioner, Area 5 Western Region BSA regarding expected conditions at The Summit during Jamboree.

Fellow Jamboree Scouters:

Some heads up items:

  1. It is projected to rain on 8 of the 10 Jamboree days (most may have thunderstorms as well as showers), including arrival and departure days.
  2. The duffel bags are not waterproof:
    • I have double coated mine with the heavy-duty CampDrY from Kiwi – the 3rd coat goes on tomorrow.  This will help but not solve the problem completely or reliably due to seams and zippers.
    • I suggest each Scout have 3 of the 55 gallon heavy duty (3 mil thickness) extra large (3′ wide x 4’8″ high) contractor size plastic bags in their gear – can buy at any good hardware store, Home Depot, or Lowes.  Iron Hold is one of the brands
    • Use one (1) of the bags as an inner liner for the duffel bag, the same way we use a plastic bag in a pack basket, before departing the final tour stop enroute to the Jamboree.   The other 2 bags are to put bedding, etc. in before leaving camp in the morning or to keep the gear dry as an inner liner when departing the Jamboree.
    • You might want to pick up a couple of cheap plastic drop cloths or the equivalent to cover your gear with while setting up camp and tearing down camp.
    • If it is raining on arrival at the Subcamp, I suggest you get out of uniforms and into swim suits or shorts,T-shirts or the equivalent, and shoes and socks as soon as you arrive at the campsite as it will be wet and soft.
    • Drying will be far more difficult at the Summit than at Ft. Hill due to paucity of dryers in town and any reasonable way to get to them – bring a couple of lines to string for drying when the sun comes out.
    • Solar chargers may be of limited use if the sky is totally overcast much of the time.
    • This could be another wet one – ala the 1973 Jamboree at Moraine State Park, PA just 270 miles almost due north of the Summit.  The Scouts have always called it “Mo’ Rain State Park” as it was a cold rain for ten (10) straight days..
    • Be alert for hypothermia especially if we get a sudden temperature drop after a rain or thunderstorm.  Most hypothermia occurs when wet between 30o F and 50o F.
    • Trenchfoot and other foot ailments could become an issue, especially for those wearing Gore=Tex lined boots.  10 days in a “sauna” is a breeding ground.  Foot checks for this and other ailments like blisters are a best practice.  I am now going to bring an extra pair of moccasins that are the L.L.Bean rubber bottoms – they do stay dry but are not great for walking cross-country.

In answer to several questions:

  1. I do not have a phone number yet for the Subcamp HQ.  Subcamp Director Mike Hale is working on that.
  2. I do not know the size of the American flag in the Troop kit at this time, still looking for an answer.

Looking forward to the adventure.

My best,
John W. Manz
Area Commissioner, Area 5 Western Region BSA
Commissioner, Subcamp Blue Jay, 2013 National Scout Jamboree

Breaking News – No Law Merit Badge at Summer Camp

To All Scouts signed up for LAW Merit Badge:

You all just got more free time during the day at camp.

Law has been cancelled for this summer camp. There are a lot of moving parts to the crime drama and mock courtroom trial that we produce at camp. Unfortunately, many of those people involved will not be going to camp (they are going to the Jamboree instead of camp), or were not available for preparation (they were gone to Sea Base during prep time). If we can’t do it well, we shouldn’t do it at all.

Rick Hayes and I talked last Monday night and we agreed that if we cannot do it up to the usual standards, we should wait and do it next year. There is a possibility that we might do it in the fall at a regular campout but that is not a sure thing. It’s more fun to do at camp.

If you have already completed some of the written requirements, save them. You can use them later when we do it.

So, bottom line: No Law Merit Badge at this summer camp.

Shipwrecked Campout, 2008

Shipwrecked 2008

This is the patch from the infamous “Shipwrecked” campout, which was another survival-based campout in the style of the “Lost” campout from a few years earlier. “The Shipwrecked campout was the themed campout during the term of SPL Andrew Parks,” says Bill. “Again, survival was the objective in a winter setting. The Scouts were attacked by natives in grass skirts and bone necklaces. Map reading and survival cooking were key to survival after the scouts built shelters. Great campout.” This campout later inspired Doug Fournet’s 2012 “Endurance” campout. If you have any additional stories or information about this patch that you would like us to add to this page, please let us know.

LOST Campout, 2005

LOST 2005

This is the patch from the first major themed campout in the troop, based around an airplane crash and building the skills necessary to survive on an island. “It was the brain child of SPL Reid Spears,” says Bill. “One of our Assistant Scoutmasters, Weldon Levacy, got us a tail section of a plane for the debris field. When the troop arrived at the field on Saturday morning, they were met with suitcases and other debris. It was a survival campout. The scouts had to survive Saturday night using only what they found in the suitcases and what they could use from the debris. First aid opportunities were everywhere including an injured Randy McGuire with an aircraft bolt in his back. The first themed campout was a roaring success.” If you have any additional stories or information about this patch that you would like us to add to this page, please let us know.

2001 National Jamboree Troop 26 Indian Nations Council Set

This patch set is from Troop 26’s visit to the 2001 National Scout Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia. Each of the 16 patches in the set represents a different Native American tribe, and each came with a sheet of paper with stories about each tribe. If you have any additional stories or information about this patch set that you would like us to add to this page, please let us know. I’ll let the patches do the talking. And yes, these are actual size.