Jamboree 2013

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Troop 26 will attended the national Jamboree in 2013 at The Summit in beautiful West Virginia!
The crew departed [fergcorp_cdt_single date=”Thu, 11 Jul 2013 18:00:00 CDT”].

Jamboree Details
Summit SEAL Challenge – New for Jamboree 2013
Jamboree Documents
Troop 26 Informational Jamboree Blog

2013 Jamboree Details

Date: Thursday, July 11th – Sunday, July 28th
Registration: It is late in the process, but we may still have a few slots open.  Contact Dennis Zvacek or Bill Fournet prior to registering to confirm that space is still available.  Once you have received their approval, you will need to visit the Jamboree Registration Site to get registered.  Let Mr. Zvacek or Mr. Fournet know when your registration is complete.
Total Cost: Approximately $2000 plus spending money
Included in Cost: Jamboree Registration, transportation to and from Jamboree, meals, lodging, cost of touring events before and after Jamboree, and miscellaneous troop gear.
NOT Included in Cost: Cost of camping equipment, or personal items.  Watch for more information on recommended packing list.  The cost also does not include extra spending money for souvenirs!  Plan to bring extra money on the trip.
Deposits: A payment schedule for Jamboree has been created by Randy McGuire.  Please contact Randy to make sure that you are up to date on your payments for Jamboree.
Location: The Summit, Betchel Scout Reserve, West Virginia
Touring Info: The Jamboree planning committee is working through the details of the touring events that will be made available to the scouts on both ends of the trip.  Included in the touring will be stops at Gettysburg, The Ford Theatre, the Washington DC mall, museums, and white water rafting!
 Course Registration: Scouts should get signed up for courses ASAP!  Scouts need to go online to the Jamboree website and sign up for courses as soon as they can.
Medical Forms: All Jamboree attendees (scouts and adults) must have updated medical forms.  This requires a visit to your primary care physician for a physical.  This needs to be completed no later than April 15th.  Submit all medical forms to Dennis Keilbarth.  Click here to download the latest medical form.  In addition to our standard medical forms, the National Jamboree requires that their medical paperwork be submitted.  This is online at the National Jamboree website.  Visit the registration page and locate Medical Forms link.  Complete as much of the form as possible and then print it out and take it with you when you visit your doctor and have them complete their section.
Prescriptions: Scouts who require prescriptions will need to provide their prescriptions ahead of Jamboree.  Watch for more information as Jamboree approaches.  NOTE: Prescriptions must be in their original container with the scout name clearly marked on the bottle.  Troop 26 cannot legally accept medication in unmarked containers.
 Contacts: Troop C117
Senior Patrol Leader  –  Alex R.
Scoutmaster  –  Bill Fournet
Troop A229
Senior Patrol Leader  –  Fletcher L.
Scoutmaster  –  Dennis Zvacek
Adult Training: All adults scheduled to attend Jamboree must be current in their Youth Protection Training.  Please make sure that your certification is on file with Jim Gonders.
Mailing Address for Participants Full Name
Jamboree Troop/Crew # ______
2013 National Jamboree
92 SBR 2
Mount Hope, WV 25888
Mailing Address for  Jamboree Staff Full Name
Housing Area # _____ i.e. E302
2013 National Jamboree
92 SBR 2
Mount Hope, WV 25888

Troop Details

C117 A229
SPL Alex Fletcher
Scoutmaster Bill Fournet Dennis Zvacek

The Summit SEAL Challenge Award

The Summit is partnering with the U.S. Navy to offer Scouts and Venturers who attend the 2013 National Jamboree the opportunity to earn the Summit SEAL Challenge Award. To earn this elite award at the jamboree, you must successfully pass the Navy SEAL Physical Screening Test (PST) while at the Summit. You must also complete other requirements at or before the jamboree.

Click here to learn more.

Jamboree Documents

Troop 26 Communication
2012 September Jamboree Newsletter
Jamboree Equipment Packing Guidelines – Added 6/10/2013
Jamboree Parents FAQ – Updated 7/3/2013
Jambo Itinerary/Calendar – Added 6/11/2013
Jamboree Smart Phone Applications List – Updated 7/3/2013
Technology Policy for Jamboree 2013 – Added 6/27/2013
2013 BSA National Jamboree Code of Conduct– Added 6/28/2013Jamboree Text-email system info
Liability Forms
Tennessee Aquarium (Chattanooga, TN) – “Sleep in the Deep” Overnight Release Form:
Adventures on the Gorge – White Water Rafting Release Form
2013 National Jamboree Medical Consent Form
2013 Jamboree CUSTOM CSP Order Form
Jamboree OA and Tshirt Order Form
Jamboree Shopping Day Details
Jamboree Council Guide – Added 6/8/2013
Jamboree SEAL Challenge Award Application – Added 6/26/2013

Informational Blog Updates

You can find updates for Jamboree posted by the Jamboree Planning Committee below. Please let us know if there is some information that you would like to see posted to this page.

Jamboree Preparation Notes

The following notes were sent by John W. Manz, Area Commissioner, Area 5 Western Region BSA regarding expected conditions at The Summit during Jamboree.

Fellow Jamboree Scouters:

Some heads up items:

  1. It is projected to rain on 8 of the 10 Jamboree days (most may have thunderstorms as well as showers), including arrival and departure days.
  2. The duffel bags are not waterproof:
    • I have double coated mine with the heavy-duty CampDrY from Kiwi – the 3rd coat goes on tomorrow.  This will help but not solve the problem completely or reliably due to seams and zippers.
    • I suggest each Scout have 3 of the 55 gallon heavy duty (3 mil thickness) extra large (3′ wide x 4’8″ high) contractor size plastic bags in their gear – can buy at any good hardware store, Home Depot, or Lowes.  Iron Hold is one of the brands
    • Use one (1) of the bags as an inner liner for the duffel bag, the same way we use a plastic bag in a pack basket, before departing the final tour stop enroute to the Jamboree.   The other 2 bags are to put bedding, etc. in before leaving camp in the morning or to keep the gear dry as an inner liner when departing the Jamboree.
    • You might want to pick up a couple of cheap plastic drop cloths or the equivalent to cover your gear with while setting up camp and tearing down camp.
    • If it is raining on arrival at the Subcamp, I suggest you get out of uniforms and into swim suits or shorts,T-shirts or the equivalent, and shoes and socks as soon as you arrive at the campsite as it will be wet and soft.
    • Drying will be far more difficult at the Summit than at Ft. Hill due to paucity of dryers in town and any reasonable way to get to them – bring a couple of lines to string for drying when the sun comes out.
    • Solar chargers may be of limited use if the sky is totally overcast much of the time.
    • This could be another wet one – ala the 1973 Jamboree at Moraine State Park, PA just 270 miles almost due north of the Summit.  The Scouts have always called it “Mo’ Rain State Park” as it was a cold rain for ten (10) straight days..
    • Be alert for hypothermia especially if we get a sudden temperature drop after a rain or thunderstorm.  Most hypothermia occurs when wet between 30o F and 50o F.
    • Trenchfoot and other foot ailments could become an issue, especially for those wearing Gore=Tex lined boots.  10 days in a “sauna” is a breeding ground.  Foot checks for this and other ailments like blisters are a best practice.  I am now going to bring an extra pair of moccasins that are the L.L.Bean rubber bottoms – they do stay dry but are not great for walking cross-country.

In answer to several questions:

  1. I do not have a phone number yet for the Subcamp HQ.  Subcamp Director Mike Hale is working on that.
  2. I do not know the size of the American flag in the Troop kit at this time, still looking for an answer.

Looking forward to the adventure.

My best,
John W. Manz
Area Commissioner, Area 5 Western Region BSA
Commissioner, Subcamp Blue Jay, 2013 National Scout Jamboree